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If you haven't obtained your BIN yet, ZIPP EUROPE can assist in sponsoring one for you. Begin your operations promptly — there's no necessity to endure a prolonged and demanding application process.

If you're considering introducing a new financial product that involves a card component, the likelihood is that you'll be partnering with Visa or Mastercard.


To proceed, acquiring a Bank Identification Number (BIN) is an essential step in the process. This serves as a crucial identification number for monitoring transactions, facilitating payments, and documenting activities for regulatory compliance. In the realm of fintech, it's a non-negotiable element.


However, the challenging aspect lies in the fact that the application and acquisition of a BIN can span a period of 3-6 months, with additional time needed to launch your product to the market, assuming there are no unforeseen hurdles. This waiting period can be quite agonizing, particularly when you're eager to capitalize on product momentum and swiftly launch into action.


It's crucial to emphasize that our support goes beyond just acquiring the BIN. Our REST API serves as a centralized financial hub for all aspects related to your cards. Instead of navigating through multiple services and systems, our REST API seamlessly integrates everything into a unified and user-friendly platform for your ease of use.

BIN Sponsorship FAQ

1What is a BIN Sponsor?
By collaborating with a direct scheme member, often referred to as a "sponsor," businesses can issue payment products without the need to invest time and resources in obtaining a direct scheme membership. This approach allows companies to expedite their market entry since they are relieved from the responsibility of raising collateral for a direct scheme membership, handling settlement and reconciliation processes, and managing client funds in segregated accounts.
2 What is the process for obtaining BINs to issue cards?
Through its license, ZIPP EUROPE can allocate ICAs and BINs to Program Managers for the issuance of payment cards within the EEA.
3Who needs a BIN Sponsor?
Whether you are a regulated Electronic Money Institution seeking access to scheme membership or a business in need of both scheme membership and utilization of ZIPP EUROPE e-money license, a tailored solution is available for you.
4What responsibilities does ZIPP EUROPE undertake as the BIN Sponsor?
As the regulated entity, we bear responsibility for overseeing all programs and products managed by our clients. ZIPP EUROPE maintains complete oversight and the authority to approve each proposition, monitors all offerings, and has access to all third-party systems. Our responsibility extends to ensuring that programs comply with scheme rules, conducting timely settlements, and safeguarding customer funds in segregated accounts. ZIPP EUROPE also takes charge of ensuring that the business, clients, and their programs adhere to regulatory compliance, with regulatory requirements taking precedence over scheme rules.

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